How do they do it? A thank you to book bloggers…

I wanted to write a quick post this morning to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the book bloggers I know, and to Becca from . Not only does she always support my writing but she also agrees to my crazy requests with a big smile and an ‘Of Course!’ More on this at the end of the post!

The book bloggers I know spend as much time reading as they do organising blog posts, Q & As for authors, guests posts, tours, and of course reviews, plus a multitude of other things, like redesigning their blogs, tweeting, facebook-ing, Pinterest-ing…well you get the idea. They champion authors, and help us spread the word about our books on almost all social media platforms. And THEY DON’T EARN A DOLLAR FOR IT. They often read numerous books a week which they write lengthy well-crafted reviews for, and most of these lovely ladies work ‘real jobs’, too.

I wanted to let them know how much I appreciate them. When The Bookshop on the Corner was published a couple of weeks ago, I asked my blogger besties very last minute if they could do a cover reveal for me…they all agreed. Then on publication day, if they could do a post with an excerpt, they all did. I was so blown away that in just under a year of writing for Carina UK that I’ve made so many firm friendships with these lovely girls whom I’ve never met. This sparked an idea! I NEED to meet these girls in person and say Thank You! But they’re mainly in the UK. So cut a long story short – we are now booked to go to the UK next year and I’m going to finally get to hug all of these wonderful, inspiring, book-loving women! And say thank you in person!

I’m beyond excited, and can’t wait to tell them how grateful I am, and how much their hard work means to me, and the plethora of authors they help everyday.

So, here’s another example of their commitment! I asked Becca to read some of the first chapter of The Bookshop on the Corner! She said, “Sure! I’ll do it now! Which part?” I love you, Becca!

Here it is! Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “How do they do it? A thank you to book bloggers…

  1. So true. As an indie author I’m thrilled to have a few book bloggers review for me, it’s so hard to get your story out there and I really don’t know how they do it all. Great post, you’re so right 🙂

      1. Thanks you too Rebecca. It’s always great to connect with other writers. I have to say I made a huge list of book bloggers for my debut ebook and had such a lovely response. They must be absolutely deluged with requests from indie authors but I was blown away by the amount that agreed and the time, trouble and ‘niceness’ of those that had to turn me down because they’ll only review physical copies or trad published. I do understand though, the workload must be huge and yet they do it all for free, for the love of reading and in support of authors. They seem a lovely community of people, even if I am braced for a bad review 😉

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