Welcome to The Bookshop on the Corner…

The Bookshop On The Corner

Have you ever been lost in a book? Buried so deep inside those pages that time stops, and your worries float into the ether? That’s what it feels like when you visit The Bookshop on the Corner, a magical place, where you can while away the day reading in any number of the little alcoves here – that are intended just for you.

Choose a book, or rather, let the book choose you.

There’s no hurry here because there’s no need for it. Take as long as you wish. Let the words dance in front of your eyes while you’re transported to another world, far from our quaint little town: Ashford, Connecticut.

Books are haphazardly piled on the wooden floor, the light is dim, and dust motes float down like fairy dust when you swish your palm over a golden cover.

Borrow a book, or buy one, the only thing…

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