Welcome to Pink Ink!

Pink Ink

Welcome to Pink Ink!

Easter is almost upon us and for the first time in ages we are going away for the weekend. This prospect would usually fill me with delight, despite needing pack so many things it’s like we’re moving house, but this time I’m a little worried. How does one transport Easter eggs without the small children seeing them? I’m in Perth, Australia, and while it’s meant to be Autumn we’re still having 35 degree C days. So I need to hide them and stop them melting.

I could buy eggs while we’re away but last year Easter eggs sold out everywhere, BEFORE Easter. It was the year known as “THE GREAT EASTER EGG DEBACLE” You probably heard the screams from here.

If I leave it any later to buy, I imagine one lonely Easter egg waiting on the shelf and having to scramble and push other parents…

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