Finding friends who get it

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s school holidays here and that isn’t conducive to a healthy word count! It’s been really nice to just chill out with the boys, make forts out of cardboard boxes, watch movies and let them indulge in chocolate and popcorn for a while. We’ve read a bunch of books, and I’ve let the house fall into ruins. Who cares? We’re having fun!

All the kid shenanigans aside, I’ve been able to catch up on connecting with my writer friends who have become so important to me. I’m a member of a local writing group, and love each and every one of them. We meshed from the very beginning in the way that only kooky like-minded people can. 

From my writing group, I’ve made a life long friend, who is now my critique partner. We email back and forth, celebrate, commiserate, and know we each understand this writing rollercoaster better than our friends and family could fathom.There’s nothing quite like having someone there at the touch of a button when you most need it.

I’ve also begun emailing another writer whose work I’ve been a fan of for the last four years. Social media can be a wonderful thing when it comes to writers connecting. We also swap and share work and cheer each other on with various writing projects. We talked on the phone for the first time today, and it was like reconnecting with a friend I’ve known forever.

Then there’s the myriad of writer’s on Facebook who support one another, and help spruik good news, and are there for moral support. I know one of these writer’s in particular, is waiting for an answer for her first ever manuscript submission, and I can’t wait to hear the good news. In these cases, where it’s someone you’ve really connected with, it’s almost like it’s your manuscript, your level of excitement and hope is almost as great as if it were your own. 

I know I wouldn’t be as inspired, or as hopeful without these writers in my life. They get it when you’re bumbling about changing a single word, or whether your tense is right for the story, or even (and this happens a lot) that you have desperate craving for chocolate and you simply can’t write until it’s satiated.

A big thank you to Lisa, Julie, Danielle, EWG,

and also my Really Blue books posse: Nene, Paul, and Christina.


8 thoughts on “Finding friends who get it

  1. What a lovely blog Rebecca, and I totally agree. Having gotten to know a few people almost as well as I know myself, their successes become yours as well and you are right there with them, helping them up if they are having a crap day. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for the help and support of the writers that I’ve met. I desperately hope to be able to share good news soon… I think I’m wearing out my refresh button on my computer though! xx

    1. Thank you, Danielle! Yep, I’m
      the same and I’m so glad we met through Lisa!
      It’s only a matter of time for the good news. But travelling somewhere without wifi in the interim is out, yes? Otherwise, chocolate and lots of it xx

  2. Thank you Bec. I’m so glad one of us (can’t remember who) contacted the other one on Twitter. You have been a great motivator and inspiration to me. By sending me that link and persuading me an unromantic old lady like me could do it, you were the sole trigger for me writing my first romance novella, which will be completed this week. If I ever get it published, you’ll be top of the credits. Thank you.

    1. I can’t remember either but I’m glad it happened! And I fell the same with you! And as if you’re unromantic and old, sheesh! I can’t wait to see your novella and novel out there. They should be shared 🙂

  3. This is a really beautiful post, Bec. I totally agree about your friends’ successes being almost as good as your own. Writing can be a hard, lonely slog sometimes. It’s lovely to find kindred spirits to share in the highs and lows.

    1. Thank you, Lisa 🙂
      I’m appreciate of all the amazing writers in my life. I hope I inspire them as much as they do me.
      I used to write alone, not knowing another friend who wrote, but that all changed when I joined a writing group and RWA. So glad I did xx

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