26 Letters lost in the ether

I’ve just finished a few writing projects, and am looking forward to the release of my first book Mexican Kimono in November.

But, there’s a problem. For the first time in ages, I’m stuck. I don’t know what to start next. Which writing path to go down. I think this hinges on the fact I have three novella-length submissions patiently waiting in the inboxes of publishers. I’m all angst-y over it. Will they like them? Or am I patiently waiting for rejections. Or re-writes. Am I writing the best genre for me?

I’m not usually so doubtful about my writing. I love what I do and when it flows, and I’m happy with the story then I’m always confident I’ll find a home for my work eventually. So, maybe I’m suffering some kind of writers block, or something totally psychosomatic?

I know the only thing that will cure me is to continue writing. And possibly to kill some characters off, and break a few hearts, and potentially set fire to a few houses, or even a small town. That should do it. Then I might be able to return to something funny. Maybe I need to write a bit of black before the rainbows reappear.




8 thoughts on “26 Letters lost in the ether

  1. Try a new genre. You MUST keep writing. I stopped when I got to your stage, and it took me 7 months and encountering you on Twitter (thank goodness!!) to get me revving on all cylinders again. Even start writing short stories on different aspects of one topic for a collection (like I did with love, desire and the older woman). Short stories are so much easier than sustaining character and plots in a novel.

    1. Thanks, Jules. I really like that idea. I might do a series of shorts that link together in some way. Your help and support over the last few months has been amazing and I’m so glad in the sea of social media we finally found each other 🙂 xx

  2. I know how you feel regarding writers block; I experienced the same whilst writing my current novella. It took a bit of determination to overcome it by attacking the block from different angles until I found a way through. Now am free of it and writing on… Am hoping to complete it soon; and have already started researching my next project. So my advice is to keep at it and never give up. 🙂

    1. I guess it’s just one of those things that happens to us… I’ll push through by starting a short story or two. Thanks for your message. Look forward to hearing about your next project 🙂

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